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William Junior Pulido 


William Pulido - Master of Craftsmanship

William Pulido 

Founder & Master of



John Pulido 

Vice President

3JS Workshop was founded in 1998 by William Pulido. Prior to founding 3JS Workshop, William worked for IBM as an Electromechanical Engineer. Years later he was exposed to acrylic solid surfaces and was fascinated with the field.  In 2000 he began fabricating solid surfaces for Home Depot retails stores.  He was quickly identified as one of the industry’s leading fabricators.  William began engineering his own techniques to make the finished products more functional and desirable.  His precision and meticulous attention to detail was presented in each piece he created and he became known as the Master of Solid Surface Craftsmanship.

In 2005 he was approached by an artist to begin fabricating the sculptures he designed.  DuPont Corian also played a large role in our growth. With the demand for top quality work, DuPont began recommending designers and architects to use 3JS Workshop to fabricate their designs. We have been recommended for jobs all over South Florida - from Tampa, Orlando, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami and the Keys. 

We continue to grow our company by doing what we do best.  As a family owned business, we take pride in the quality and services we provide.  Each piece is considered a piece of artwork and is specifically engineered to the customer's home. Whatever your imagination brings us 3JS Workshop can help carve it into your every day life. From a modern sleek sink, to a sophisticated dining table, a minimalist TV unit, seamless countertops, or any product you design we can make it come to life.

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